Rules and Policies

The Rainbow Hub is pleased to provide you with this new facility and we want all our visitors to enjoy however whilst we have attempted to make it as safe as we possibly can the very nature of The Hub and the activity centre we have provided means that accidents can occur occasionally from time to time.

The Rainbow Hub and staff and volunteers endeavour to ensure the safety of our visitors at all times however we do not accept responsibility of those that are here with a carer/parent and it is their responsibility for the well-being of the person in their care and should supervise at all times.

The maximum ratio that we accept is the following with no exceptions;


Under 5s   1 Adult – 2 children

Over 5s      1 Adult – 3 children

Adults or children over 14    1 Adult – 2


Because of the nature of our Hub we will sometimes book out sessions for individuals for either 1 to 1 Support or Supported by an outside agency and no other visitors are permitted to enter the Hub until that session has ended and the doors will then be unlocked for the next session to start.



  • The upstairs is not a supervised area although this area is checked regularly throughout the sessions it is up to the Carer /Parent to supervise the use of the equipment whilst upstairs based on the perception of suitability and safety of the visitor, any damages made to equipment will be up to the user to reimburse.

  • Visitors will sign for any games for the consoles for upstairs and controllers and these must be returned before end of sessions and any damages again will be expected the user to reimburse.

  • Socks must be worn at all times and outside shoes removed before going in to the main area shoes can however be worn upstairs.

  • Leave any badges and jewellery with a responsible adult. Spectacles can be worn as long as the lenses are shatter proof and if needed a retainer fitted. Again The Rainbow Hub will not accept responsibility for loss or damage for these items however occurred.

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